Thursday, June 21, 2007

David Seah : Modern Spellbooks

David Seah : Modern Spellbooks: "As technology gets newer and I get older, learning new things becomes frustrating"

Actually I do similar things when I need to learn something.
When I need to do sensemaking, I create a learning journal. Just someplace to toss all the things I learn as I learn them. I generally use a text file rather then an actual book.

Right now I am learning Dreamweaver for work as we revamp one of our websites. It isn't hard but there are a few pit falls and such that make it interesting. I have created a Dreamweaver Procedures file where I just dump things as I learn them that I think I will need again when I come back to it in a few weeks and won't remember how I did something.

Calling it a spellbook is just so darn cool. though. I'll be using that on a number of new projects I'm starting.

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