Monday, February 26, 2007

Federal Report Shows Course Inflation

Grades are rising but learning is lagging, federal reports find - Los Angeles Times: "Among other things, Hall said, the transcript study provided clear evidence of grade inflation, as well as 'course inflation' %u2014 offering high-level courses that have 'the right names' but a dumbed-down curriculum."

The papers are full of plenty of stories that test scores are rising, but that is not the whole story. There has been a certain undercurrent of worry about grade inflation. But it is much worse then that, whole courses are being inflated.

I keep seeing young people who seem to be missing important skills, but this kicks it up a notch.

I understand that there are plenty of families that cannot afford to do anything but send their children to public school. Just realize that all it is. is a babysitting service not an educational institution.

We have to take care of our children ourselves and teach them ourselves at night and on the weekends.

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