Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Big Math Question.

Herald & Review - Students learn the value of science and math skills in the world of work, By VALERIE WELLS - H&R Staff Writer: "Speakers representing a variety of careers explain to students how math and science skills are important to their jobs. The conference continues today and Thursday and will include schools from the entire Macon-Piatt region.'It answers that old question (kids ask),' said Jody Hunt, special project coordinator. ''When am I ever going to use this?''"

Math is so simple and easy that it is easy to forget that we are using it all the time. Most people even those with math anxiety use math all the time though they've forgotten that they ever really learned math in the first place.

Even if you are making a shopping list and you think, "Hmm, I've only got 2 eggs left and I'll need 3 for an omelet later this week. I better get more eggs." You are using math to make that decision.

If you are balancing your checkbook and accidentally press the zero on your calculator once too often you'll probably think, " Something's wrong! I can't have $14,000 in the bank. I only made $1,000 on this paycheck and only had $4,000 in the bank to begin with."

Answering this question is a big deal and it is important to give children an idea of how math can be used and even better to show them you are using it often. Balancing the checkbook, evaluating career choices, choosing retirement options and the like.

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