Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Concentration: "Concentration means directing one's attention on whatever one intends. We all have a natural ability to concentrate. Have you noticed how difficult it is to get young children's attention when they are playing? Do you remember the time when you were completely engrossed in an interesting novel, a super film, an exciting match or an exhilarating piece of music? You were concentrating then. "

We also know this as flow.

A Very powerful and very useful skill and one well worth learning.

Occasionally I go tot he library to "get away from it all," but sometimes there are some people who just don't get that a library is supposed to be quiet. If I can here someone talking on a cellphone a good 50 feet away they are talking way too load. The library is generally well designed, it has a separate children's room that keeps the noise under control, but some of their chairs are absolutely awful, they cut into you spine if you try leaning back.


Anonymous said...

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Prashant said...

Hi Stephan,

I love your posts here.

But it's been long since you have posted here.

I can see you being busy at

I just wanted to know if you have stopped posting here, or restructured your posting categories. If so, please let us know where can we expect to see the relevant posts.

If there is anything I can help you with, please do let me know. I'd be glad to help your great content.


Stephan said...

We after over 100 posts there are only 12 comments. i just gave up because on one seemed to care but I am starting blogging again generally and so as I find things I'll probably add them with occasional essays.