Friday, May 18, 2007

Strengths and weeknesses

There are a couple of ways with dealing with strengths and weaknesses. You can go to work on your weaknesses and make them strong. You can also outsource your weaknesses and have someone who is strong in that area do it for you.
You can't outsource dealing with an addiction but you can outsource things like bookkeeping and janitorial services. Once you figure out what you are trying to do you can decide what you personally need to do and what can and should be given to someone else to do. Not everything needs to be done by you, it just needs to ge done. Taking out the trash is a great example. taking out the trash is not rocket science and having a rocket scientist taking out his own trash is wasteful of his time, energy and money. If you want to run a business knowing bookkeeping/accounting is a good thing. but is being your own accountant a good thing? Not usually an entrepreneur should be creating new products and selling things. hire a bookkeeper to do the accounting, which leaves you more time to do more financially valuable things.
I see the economy moving towards more of an enterpreneurial condition, large companies have no disire to have large permanent staffs anymore. more and more people are becoming contracts whether they want to or not and that is a skill set that is not taught in school.
Microsoft did not become what it is because Bill Gates could do all the jobs, but because he hired the best people to do the jobs he couldn't do. Google is the same way. Thomas Edison did the same with at Menlow Park. He gathered the best and brightest he could find and pointed them in the direction he needed them to go, and let them find the best way there.

Getting to know yourself.

Know thyself has been one of the best pieces of advice out there. Finding what there is within you is vitally important to your happiness.

What things are you good at?
Persuading others
Building things
Intense curiosity

Everyone has a talent of some kind. Finding it can be a challenge sometimes if it is not obvious. It isn't enough to just know what your talent is but to take the time to hone it and perfect it. Far too many people who have a talent don't develop it as much as someone who isn't as good but has more desire to get better at it. Those people who take the time to perfect themselves, do the best and that makes all the difference.

How you deal with your strengths and weaknesses is an important factor in how well you do in life. By strengthening your strengths and understanding your weakness you can get far more done.

Say you want to start a business and you are good at making chairs. Making chairs tends to make a lot of sawdust. Now it is fairly important to get the sawdust out of the way from time to time. It can interfere with the tools and become a fire hazard. But if you are not good with a broom, then hiring someone to clean up the dust from time to time can free you up to make more chairs more quickly.

If, on the other hand you have weakness that is interfering with your life, an addiction or something that someone else can't do for you, it is important to for you to grow by confronting it and overcoming it making it a strength.

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