Monday, April 2, 2007

Getting Started in Learning

We talked to my niece over the weekend and she is thinking about educating her boy, the schools where they are are just not very good.

Now, their son is only a year old so there is a little time to get something together but I have found some really good things online.

There are three places that I have found with great material for free.

Google Books:
Project Gutenberg:
Internet Archive Text Archive:

They are chock full of all kinds of wonderful material, if you can find it.

Since these things are changing rather quickly it is best to search from time to time.
The search terms that have been most profitable to me have been:
• Primer
• Elementary
• Introductory
• Primary

You get whole books like a spelling primer from Noah Webster (the dictionary guy), the New England Primer for teaching reading, the McGuffey Primers for early reading, primary math books from Joseph Ray, and much more. Many of them are out of copyright and so you can download the whole book and use it any way you want.

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